sedona52Sedona Alvarez

all pronouns

BFA Design

Sedona has been creating art all their life.  For Sedona, art making is a way of life, an outlet for healing and a portal to infinite possibilities.  With a unique outlook and distinct visual vocabulary, Sedona creates from a space of deep intuition.  Sedona’s love of the process fuels their passion to practice seeing, creating, recreating and being art daily.  This method is what Sedona refers to as “living artfully”~ engaging in life from a space of embodied awareness.

As a yoga teacher and practitioner, Sedona finds that their yoga practice often informs their art making.  Using their art as a modality for storytelling, Sedona is also inspired by dreams, memory, time and nature.  A lover of exploration, Sedona is always playing with a variety of different mediums, including found objects, collage, acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, pen and ink.

Alongside art making, Sedona also loves making playlists, playing guitar, hiking in the woods and having adventures with their beloved little family.

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