I create opportunities for exploration of radical authenticity.1-19Bio

Sedona Alvarez

Non-binary Queer, all pronouns

500-hour CYT

BFA Design

Sedona’s devotion to living artfully is the driving force behind empowering yoga classes that emphasize inclusivity, awareness, embodiment, and authenticity.

Sedona is a passionate community leader who cultivates safe spaces that are welcoming to complex identities around gender expression, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, body and ability.  A beacon in their community, Sedona is dedicated to creating more visibility and diversity within yoga spaces by amplifying marginalized voices and sharing their own story.  Their highly skilled teaching emerges from a deep understanding of yoga philosophy and a commitment to honoring the roots of yoga.  With a trauma-informed approach that is steeped in personal experience and anchored in the belief that everybody deserves to benefit from the practice of yoga, Sedona encourages you to embrace your individual experience. Come as you are and take refuge knowing that they have mindfully crafted an accessible, comprehensive class for you. Rich with creativity, peppered with humor and woven together with pearls of wisdom, Sedona’s classes are intelligently designed to help you find more freedom in every facet of life.

A lifelong student, Sedona graduated with a BFA in Design from KU in 2012, then embarked on earning their 200-hour yoga teaching certification in 2013 from Life Power Yoga.  In 2019, they graduated with 500-hour credentials from Colorado School of Yoga with Gina Caputo, creatrix of Integrated Vinyasa™, a system of yoga that “illuminates our wholeness, our relationship to Nature, and an energetically sustainable approach to living fully.” Sedona is Founder of Yoga + Hiking in Kansas City, leads yoga retreats worldwide and contributes to several Yoga Teacher Training programs.

Outside of their yoga teaching practice, Sedona loves making art, music, being in nature, and having adventures with their beloved little family.

sedona52Kind Words

“Sedona has a special way of making you feel right at home in her classes and in her presence in general. She has a grounded, down to earth, welcoming energy that instantly helps you feel safe. Her classes are well-informed and fun, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and empowered. Sedona is the bee’s knees!! I highly recommend.” Jerrica

“Sedona is not only an amazing person but she’s also a really, really great yoga teacher. I had the privilege to join Sedona in Costa Rica in the beginning of 2019 for the Costa Rica Soul Revival Yoga retreat organized by Adzenture Retreats and Sedona.

From her morning yoga flows, to yin yoga and meditations in the evenings, to her intention setting workshop; her energy is so positive, classes leave me feeling connected and grounded. For all the calmness and seriousness of the classes, there were definitely long bouts of laughter and general happiness.

Highly, HIGHLY recommend you checking out her classes and join her VIP list and be one of the first to know where her next retreat is going to be!” -Renee

“Sedona is a very attentive yoga teacher – she has her eye on everyone and their needs during class. You are truly amazing, Sedona!” -Tina

“Sedona Alvarez is a wonderful, inspirational teacher. Her classes leave you feeling strong, grounded, and connected. I had the pleasure of experiencing her teaching on her Adzenture Retreats to Costa Rica last week and it was one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had. We got to bask in the sun during yoga every morning, enjoy workshops, and share adventures, tears, and most importantly, laughs. You will not regret taking one of Sedona’s classes, or going on one of her retreats! She has such a good soul and is a joy to be around.” -Sarah

“Sedona is a living testament to her passion for yoga + art + healing+ nature. She lives it, loves it, breathes it & shares it with others generously. I encourage you to dive into discovering and uncovering hidden pieces of yourself by attending her creative classes as often as possible! Do it and see what amazing transformations begin in YOU!!!” -Lisa

“Sedona is an amazing down to earth teacher who can teach anyone to love the organic beauty of movement through yoga <3” -Christy

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