Sedona is an ArtistYoga Teacher

+ story teller + traveler + animal lover + human being


Sedona was born in Phoenix, Arizona and moved to the midwest at a young age.  She graduated with a BFA in Design from the University of Kansas in 2012. She received her 200 hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification in the Spring of 2013 through LifePower Yoga.  Pulling from her roots in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga, her classes are engaging on every level.  Kansas City, Missouri is her home base where she is active in the community as a working artist and yoga teacher.  A gypsy at heart, she is constantly looking forward to her next big adventure.  She is currently teaching weekly classes at some of her favorite studios in KC, leading specialty workshops, organizing retreats, coordinating art shows and working toward her advanced teacher training.  Sedona meets you where you are at to guide you through a safe and accessible practice.  Known for her playful spirit and creativity, she will help you to lighten up in all areas of life.

NB1_5258FinSedona on Art + Yoga

Yoga teaches us to live artfully.  To me, this means expressing from a place of radical authenticity.  I believe that if we listen and are honest with ourselves, we can use sacred art making along with the practice of yoga to maneuver through life with more joy and ease.

Both art and yoga mirror life.  Life is messy.  My commitment to art making + yoga practice has taught me that there is magic in the mess.  Everything is always in a state of flux.  Our inner and outer landscapes constantly shift.  Every day we are presented with new challenges.  We have two choices: to stagnate, or to walk through the fires of change. Fire is unique in it’s ability to transform any given substance.  Yoga is the practice of learning how to bravely walk through the brilliant, sometimes fear inducing flames with more understanding.  Through yoga, we learn to deal with consistent and inevitable change by staying connected to the divine part of ourselves that never changes.

My mission is to guide others through the fires of transformation with loving kindness.  I aim to inspire others to use the creative outlets of art + yoga to extract ample meaning and joy from life.  You will never come to my class to be instructed on how to be “better”.  You will learn how to be real with yourself.  I am not interested in meeting the “best version of yourself”, because I do not believe that exists.  There is no perfect, and that’s perfect.  I simply encourage you to be yourself.  Come as you are and move from there, I promise there is a space for you.

DSC_0283FinArtist Statement

I have been fascinated with shape and color since I can remember.  I have always been an explorer and lover of simple beauties.

Everything has a history. Lost, discarded or forgotten, history remains and is happening.  I find, investigate, internalize, process, and create new stories.  These stories are often non-linear, much like my natural creative method of working.

I am inspired by history, relationships, patterns, folk art, fables, animals, landscapes, weather, seasons, music, dreams, magic, time and distance.  I am interested in the true nature of things.

For me, making art is a sacred act and an ever evolving adventure.  I’m so grateful to share this part of the journey with you.

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