The process of creating art is just like our yoga practice. We learn and problem solve along the way. We expand our horizons and push boundaries.  We get lost so we can find ourselves again.

It is my pleasure to share my work with you.  I hope that it inspires you to begin or continue your own creative practice!


Artist Statement


I have been fascinated with shape and color since I can remember.  I have always been an explorer and lover of simple beauties.

Everything has a history. Lost, discarded or forgotten, history remains and is happening.  I find, investigate, internalize, process, and create new stories.  These stories are often non-linear, much like my natural creative method of working.

I am inspired by history, relationships, patterns, folk art, fables, animals, landscapes, weather, seasons, music, dreams, magic, time and distance.  I am interested in the true nature of things.

For me, making art is a sacred act and an ever evolving adventure.  I’m so grateful to share this part of the journey with you.