Tarot Glow Show

informational flier


It’s my favorite holiday/time of year- come celebrate this amazing season with a good dose of spoookiness and silliness!!!

Free style black light glow flow!  Whaaat?! (*optional*…you can always just drink beer on the sidelines and laugh at us.)

Support local art – grow your community – love- laugh- embrace your weird – eat- drink – be merry 🙂




Let It Down- Video Release


Yes indeed, that’s little ol’ me about 2 years ago!  The anticipation has been killing me since we shot it…now so more than ever!  Can’t wait til the release one week from today.


dancin’ in the moonlight…


Blue Hand Art Collective’s summer show was a great success!  Good friends, great tunes, rowdiness, water guns, glow sticks, bubbles and beer…only the best combination of things EVER


One of our contributing artists, Brit Noack with the dude, Luke!

Background- Camp Out by Nicci Wyles and Paul Mackender

by Chris Meyeres

By Christopher Meyeres

Kris Bruders Freight Train

Kris Bruders Freight Train KILLIN IT.  So good.

Background- video installation by Micki Hadley.



Look at all those smiley beauties!  Huge thanks to everyone who came out to support local art!  It was truly an amazing night and I’m so glad we could share it together!



next weekend!

{video by Micki Hadley}

Next Saturday—>Come howl at the moon with us!!

Love KC, support local art, have fun, drink beers, get weird!



Moonlight Sea Stomp

Calling all nocturnal creatures and sea things!

And plain ol’ humans looking to celebrate summer and support local art…

moonlight_seastomp_flier copy

Blue Hand Art Collective’s summer show is just under two weeks away!

Should be wet.  Should be wild.  (there are squirt guns involved.  and a baby pool.)

Come howl at the moon with us!



gypsy garden party

Getting pumped for future shows!

Get ready for our gypsy caravan, rollin’ into town this fall. Vagabonds, fairies and woodland creatures all welcome.

Ashley, Ellen and I gathered our nicknacks, costumery, feathers and crystals and took over this abandoned garden for a few hours.  All in a day’s work.

More coming soon.



these are a few of my favorite things.

Brainstorming for the next show- Honoring La Luna…


Water. Reflection.  Mirrors.  Femininity.  Mystery.  Shadow Self.

Also working on the fusion of my two passions…



Yoga Action Painting!

So much is blossoming at the tail end of this Spring.  Kicking the summer off right!

More details coming soon. lovelovelove!

Root to Crown

Blue Hand Art Collective’s debut show was a great success! Thanks to everyone who came out to support local art! We couldn’t do what we do without you beautiful people.

(“Shrine of Love”- collaborative installation by Ashley Warner and Sedona Alvarez.)

First Show Group
(Group shot of the artists involved in show #1. What a crew…Great teamwork)

Visit bluehandkc.com to find yourself in our photo booth and to see a broad overview of the show.

More photos can also be found in the “Shows” drop down menu at the top of the page.


one is silver and the other’s gold


a distracting new discovery, to say the least.

i’ve started a series of “sorta stories” inspired by my fuzziest dreams and memories. do you ever find yourself having a beer or something, and then out of the blue you have a flash of a memory from when you were like…three? and you’re walking around a one bedroom apartment pushing your snoopy doll around in a toy carriage or something? no? well…

those types of thoughts are what i’m trying to capture. so i have to revert back to thinking like a child…which isn’t very tough for me, actually.

needless to say, my new discovery has helped in shedding light on these once dormant memories.
oh, gin…