Mandala Meditations and Full Moon Manifestations

Happy Full Flower Moon


It’s abundantly clear- In the era of Covid-19, nothing is certain.

Wait…Wasn’t life always uncertain, though?  

The only thing that has ever been certain is, sure as shit, things are gonna change.  Everything is always in a constant state of flux.  Nothing stays the same for long.  Maybe we just all got a little too comfy with the illusion of security for a minute.  Welp…nothing like a global pandemic to strip away that veil.  And what are we left with?  The truth that we don’t have much time.  The hard fact that we have royally fucked ourselves by horribly abusing the sacred planet that we call home.  Many of use are staring our own mortality in the face right now.  Is it even possible to find a silver lining in all this death and chaos?  Maybe, just maybe this shadow time has something to teach us.

I’ll tell you one thing, I’m creating now more than ever.  It’s not that now I have time whereas before I didn’t, or that now I have more energy.  No.  To be totally transparent, living with depression during a pandemic is a struggle.  Every day is different.  Luckily, I have the tools of yoga, meditation and art making to help me cope in healthy ways.  I’ll tell you what, this forced isolation has given me the opportunity to turn inward in ways I never have and dig deeper than ever.  From the manure of life sprouts new growth.  What’s been sprouting up for me is lots of new art, and real, true connections with other magical souls.  My sankalpa, or my life’s mission statement, is Live Artfully.  I find that now, within this crisis, I am embodying that in a deeper way.

My newest series, Mandala Meditations, is very much a product of these times. It is a response to the fear of this collective shadow work that we are all knee deep in right now.  Creating these pieces was a way for me to find my center when my mind became overwhelmed and chaotic.  Making these repetitive marks, like a moving meditation, brought me back home to myself time and time again.  The act of sharing these expressions with a world under lockdown was truly it’s own living art piece.  What a profound and priceless gift.  Thank you for being such an integral part of my world and for reminding me that this work matters.

Mandala Meditations

Eye of Earth

Essence of Svadhisthana

Desert Medicine

Whirling Anahata

Vishuddhi Howl

Ajna Prism

Flower Moon

My Love

Yin and Yang

Amethyst Dream

I Am Whole


It’s hard to put into words what making and giving this art has meant to me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Remember- you are never alone.  Keep going, keep creating.  May we consider that this intense and dark moment in human history is perhaps an opportunity to explore new ways of Being.

Love, love, love,


A Summer of Art + Yoga- Reflection + Integration


First Friday is here again.  Next weekend we celebrate independence and femininity with our group show, “Trois Femmes”, or “Three Ladies”.  So excited to share space two fabulous women, Katie Mantooth and Betsy Row.  Don’t miss out on this trifecta of goodness and our donation bar 😉

In other news, I was out of commission for about a week this summer with poison ivy.  Doesn’t the universe know that artists and yoga teachers can’t afford to get sick?  Though it pains me to slow my roll, I chose to find the up side.  I allowed myself the time off to get some much-needed r&r.  Thank god for Restorative Yoga.

It’s funny, the week I got poison ivy is the week I wrote this down in my journal:

“You don’t always have to be going and doing in order to get things done.  Sometimes, the most productive thing to do is nothing at all.”

I wove this into my teaching intention for that week nicely…of course, failing to heed my own advise.  Luckily, whenever I’m feeling invincible (and getting a little cocky), the universe promptly reminds me to stay humble.  So, I was forced inside….which for me, feels like torture.

Regardless of how I felt about this time off, I tried trying to make an effort to use it wisely.  It was a unique opportunity not just to plan for the future, but to digest the recent past.

Last winter, I was presented with this question:  What do I have to offer the world that no one else has to offer?  What makes me unique as an individual?

At the heart of it…Who am I?  Of course, my dear friend Lisa Ash raised this question in class last week just in time for some reflection…must be sharing some yoga teacher brain waves or something.

Here it is:  I am an artist.  I am a yogi.  I am a teacher.

I always thought I had to keep these parts of myself separate.  In what world could I possibly do it all at once?  Oh, right- my world.  That I actively create, every day.  For me, yoga is art.  Art is yoga.  These aren’t things or ideas to be categorized as parts of my life.  Any separation that I once perceived was just an illusion.  Art+yoga=my life.

With this realization, I started taking baby steps to share that which I am uniquely qualified to share:  That we are all creative beings.  That we are currently creating our reality with every single choice and action.

So these past few months I have been a very busy bee.  I’v planting seeds, leading workshops that I hope have helped shed some light on how amazingly creative you are.  Check this out:

Art Camp at Karma Tribe Yoga

Yoga + Dream Catcher Making with Karma Tribe Yoga

This is just a small glimpse of what you’ve created so far.  Look at all this beauty that you’ve added to the world.  I’m excited to see what else you come up with.  This is just the beginning!

So the glass is half full.  I needed to take my own advise.  I needed to zoom way out in order to gain perspective.  As I heal, I am slowly beginning to zoom back in.  Fall is right around the corner.  With this gust of cooling energy comes a wave of creativity and lots of opportunities to express.  There will be more workshops and more chances us to expand our consciousness.  It’s all very exciting, I could just BURST…

…but I won’t.  I’ll step back, slow down, take a breath and observe.

Then I’ll get back to work.

More art+yoga workshops coming your way, promptly following my recovery.  I can feel myself healing just thinking about it 🙂

Hope to see you all very soon in some capacity.  Until then- dream on, dreamers.




Friends and Fables, 11.7.15

Friendship for the win!  Thanks again, Plenum Space for hosting this show!




Check out this new collaboration!  Cowboy Indian Bear and Micki Hadley are killing it once again.  So grateful to be a part of this project (I’m the creepy imaginary friend).  Keep your eyes and ears open for many more nightmarish music videos to come over the course of this year 🙂



see you there

First Fridays in Kansas City during the summer time= Art, music, booze…some of my favorite things.  You’ll find all that and more when you visit me at Plenum on the 6th!  See you there.



Let It Down- Video Release


Yes indeed, that’s little ol’ me about 2 years ago!  The anticipation has been killing me since we shot it…now so more than ever!  Can’t wait til the release one week from today.