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Chakra Door, KC Urban Yoga

I love repurposing.  I jump on the opportunity to take something perceived as old and broken and make it into something beautiful.  In this case, we had a door that was no longer working as a door.  My client’s vision was to have a statement piece for their new yoga studio.  They requested a depiction of the chakras with a lotus flower.  What better symbol than the lotus, a flower that literally blooms up from the mud, to be the focal point of this repurposed piece?


Mandala Mural, Karma Tribe Yoga

Another project where I was told to just do my thing.  Karma Tribe Yoga is a donation based yoga studio that makes yoga accessible to all.  I wanted to represent their groundbreaking achievement with this design.  I started with a traditional mandala, tight and detailed towards the center, representing unity and strong foundation.  As the mandala moves outward, it gets more organic and abstract, breaking boundaries.

Table Mandala

This particular piece was brought to me by a client who said, “Do whatever you want!”, which I love to hear.  The table was rugged and bland, but with some love and semi-gloss varnish, we brought it back to life.  Still completely functional and an amazing accent piece.

Dream Catchers

These netted sculptures make unique party gifts, perfect for any occasion.  This particular collection of mini dreamcatchers was created for a 1 year old’s birthday party as a decorative parting gift for guests.  These durable beauties are hand crafted, one of a kind pieces made with organic materials.  The hoops are harvested from fallen willow branches, the gems in the center of each piece hand picked with love.

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