I Love Yoga + Hiking

Hi friends!  So I have been leading Yoga + Hiking excursions throughout Kansas City all year and it has truly been a highlight of my 2017.  It is soul nourishing to see how this project continues to evolve.  I’m already scheming and plotting yoga hikes for 2018…there’s even a Yoga + Hiking RETREAT in the works!

Before I get too ahead of myself, though…I’m excited to announce November’s Yoga + Hiking location:


See you Sunday, 11/12 from 10-11:30am at Weston Bend State Park!

More details and registration coming very soon 🙂

To stay in the know, join our Facebook group- Yoga + Hiking with Sedona Alvarez

Peace and Love,


Dream Catcher Making in Loose Park

Hi friends!  Here’s another opportunity to learn, explore and express yourself through Art+Yoga…dreamBIG2017I’m bringing my Dream Catcher Making Workshop back!  

Come back to the source and tap into your creativity.  Save to date!  More details and registration coming soon.



Yoga + Hiking- Uniting a Community

I’m still buzzing from today’s Yoga + Hiking adventure at the Overland Park Arboretum!  We could not have asked for a more beautiful day!  My favorite thing about today was seeing  groups from the different studios I teach at come together as one.  Together we created a Super Kula!  So proud of YOU, the heart of our yoga community.

All proceeds are filtered into my Advanced Teacher Training Fund through Karma Tribe Yoga.  With your help and support, I am moving closer toward my goal of attaining my 500 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification!  THANK YOU for sharing your energy and love!

unnamed-4unnamed-3unnamed-4unnamed-5unnamed-6unnamed-3Looking forward to many Yoga + Hiking adventures to come!  I’m glad you are with me on this amazing journey!



Yoga + Hiking at the Arboretum


Attention Nature Lovers:  Yoga + Hiking at the Overland Park Arboretum with Sedona Alvarez is TOMORROW, Sunday, 5/21!  It’s gonna be the perfect day for it, 70 degrees and sunny!

This is an all levels + all ages event.  Human children are welcome, but please leave your dog children at home.  The hike is beginner friendly, the yoga for every body.  Consider wearing tennis shoes, comfortable clothing and sunscreen on exposed skin. Bring a mat for practice or a beach towel as a light weight option.  The hike is about 15 minutes to an open area where we will practice.  Come hydrated!
Option to meet at the Arboretum at 10am OR carpool from Karma Tribe Yoga at 9:15am. Class wraps up at 11:15am, afterward you are free to roam, explore and enjoy the beautiful Arboretum! Suggested donation is $20-$25, ALL proceeds to to the KTY Advanced Teacher Training Fund!  Pre-registration is required.

I can not wait to celebrate life out in nature with you tomorrow!  See you there!



February Shadows.

Welcome to fucking February.

February just sucks.  I live in Kansas City where winters are COLD.  The last leg of winter is always the worst.  Though February is short, it feels SO LONG.  In the shadow of our lofty New Years resolutions, many of us feel overwhelmed by trying to solve all of our problems at once.  Many of us had the best intentions, yet we have already begun to fall short of our own expectations.  We were effervescent and brimming with inspiration on January 1st, what the hell happened to that?  We made lists, we made vision boards, we made promises.  “This time it’ll be different.  This time, I’ll be different.  I’m becoming the best version of myself!” (barf) we told ourselves.  By now, we have begun to settle back into the comfy leather chair of our old habitual thought patterns.  Not to mention, there’s that holiday coming up centered around romantic love that leaves many of us without a partner feeling like shit.  Shouldn’t there be a national holiday for single peeps?  National day of autonomy + self love.  Everyone buy yourself chocolate and get a massage.  Toast to yourself and masturbate all day.

it’s ok to take a moody selfie sometimes.

February is a time of shadows.  In a world where we can pick and choose what we show to the world, we shape how we are perceived.  We are literally branding ourselves with everything we chose to “like”, share and post.  It is so fucking easy to be fake.  It is so easy to choose the smiley selfie because it will get more likes rather than the weird artsy photo that you love but no one else gets.  It is so easy to show the bright and shiny side of your life and let the shadow remain hidden.  Because no one could ever relate, right?



I am currently working on a series I’m calling “Shadows”.  This series is a compilation of old, discarded, half finished pieces that I dismissed at some point as “part of the process”.  Somewhere along the way, I got frustrated and threw a tantrum because what was coming out of me was not what I wanted to show.  I deemed these particular pieces unworthy to show and cast them aside to forget about.  I’ve decided to pull those half finished creations out of the shadows and explore why I was adverse to this side of me.  Each piece of art I create is an expression of me.  Why have I chosen to hide some of those parts of myself?  Is there some cohesive thread that ties all this work together?  We’ll find out.  And then I’ll show you.


For the month of February, I challenge you to embrace your Shadow.  Ask yourself: what image am I putting out into the world?  Is it real and authentic?  If no- why?  What fear is standing in the way of me truly connecting with others?  What am I hiding behind and what is there to hide?

Yoga isn’t all about the bright and shiny, y’all.  It’s about the darkness, too.  Those of you who read frequently know my love of clichés.  So I’ll leave you with this:  without the darkness, there is no light.

And also, this: “Good luck exploring the infinite abyss.”  Yes, that is a quote from Garden State, which is a silly early aughts indie film that I love.  BE MORE EMO, ME!

Love to you all,



Westport Yoga Holiday Yin

Hi friends.  Here’s another opportunity to give back to yourself this holiday season.  Yin yoga + community part at Westport Yoga, today at noon!  Your body will thank you…so will your friends and family 😉

We love you!