Westport Yoga Holiday Yin

Hi friends.  Here’s another opportunity to give back to yourself this holiday season.  Yin yoga + community part at Westport Yoga, today at noon!  Your body will thank you…so will your friends and family 😉

We love you!


Elemental Yoga + Journaling Series

Join me at Hagoyah every Sunday in January, starting January 1st.


Earth, Fire, Water and Air.  How are these elements represented in you?  Could you be experiencing excess or deficiency in any of these areas?  How can you create more balance and experience more freedom this year?
This workshop incorporates Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga), yoga asana, meditation and journaling to facilitate emotional healing. In order to make space for new, we must clear out the old. Be prepared to purge.

Class structure: 1 hour elemental yoga flow (focus on a different element each week), 10 minute meditation, 20 minute journaling

Sign up now before it’s sold out!
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Here’s to manifesting your best year yet!



What does making dream catchers have to do with yoga?

Arts and crafts are good fun and all…but what in the hell does messing with willow sticks and tying knots have to do with YOGA?

Everything, my friend.


Everything about the dream catcher is symbolic.  The hoop itself (a “mandala”, in Indian culture) is a sacred circle that stands for unity and oneness.  Sound familiar?  Yoga literally means “to yoke”.  We use our yoga practice to unite our minds with our bodies.  We use the repetitive act of weaving our dream catchers to join the mind and body.  You can experience flow through yoga asana or through crafting netted sculpture.  Both are “art making”.  Both are ways to explore moving meditation.  Join our community circle o’ creativity this Saturday at Hagoyah (1-3pm) to experience moving meditation/flow!

Ps- I love this blog post detailing the history behind dream catcher making in Native American culture.  Happy reading!



Catch Your Holiday Dreams


You have one more chance to get creative with me this year.  Learn the sacred art of dreamcatcher making and the art of moving meditation.  I will teach you the SIMPLE weaving technique and provide all materials.  Just show up with an open mind, ready to create!  All levels yoga class included, NO art making or yoga experience required.

Trade your store bought gift for a beautiful, one of a kind, handmade piece of art crafted by YOU!  sign up HERE

Here’s what else I’ve been up to- tons of art, yoga and play!  We had our first ever pumpkin pARTy at Hagoyah.  It was the perfect day to get outside, enjoy some afternoon beers and get crafty 🙂 Of course, we also had our annual Tarot Glow Show at Westport Yoga.  We accommodated 60+ yogis in our little studio for a night of glow in the dark yoga, tarot readings, live music and local art!  Here’s a recap:

So much JOY!  I feel damn lucky to wake up every day and share what I love.  What’s on the agenda for November, you ask?


Ruby has got the right idea.  Reflection.

Granted, the only time you will EVER see this spaz in a state of zen is after a vigorous game of fetch.  She goes and goes until she simply can not.  Sound familiar?  I and so many others are guilty of the grind.  Hey, what other option is there for the starving artist type?  Besides to, well…starve.  If you are going to be your own boss and juggle 2 jobs at 8 different locations, you had better take time to hit the pause button.  No matter what you do or how busy you are, there is always time in the day to be still.

I challenge you to take time this month for yourself.  Start today.  Start small.  Book a message, book a healing session with Lisa Lola Healing Arts, take a restorative yoga class (I teach 3 per week, see my schedule), take 5 minutes out of your day to sit quietly with yourself.  It doesn’t take any effort.  In fact, that is the point!  Sometimes doing nothing at all is the best and most productive thing.  Before diving head first into the holiday season, take a giant step back.  Breathe.  Listen.  Between bursts of energy, we must take time to renew to avoid burn out.  Before we give all of ourselves to others, we must give to ourselves.  You can not pour from an empty vessel!  Go, fill yourself up!

Take this advise from Agent Cooper:

Happy November!  Take care!



A Summer of Art + Yoga- Reflection + Integration


First Friday is here again.  Next weekend we celebrate independence and femininity with our group show, “Trois Femmes”, or “Three Ladies”.  So excited to share space two fabulous women, Katie Mantooth and Betsy Row.  Don’t miss out on this trifecta of goodness and our donation bar 😉

In other news, I was out of commission for about a week this summer with poison ivy.  Doesn’t the universe know that artists and yoga teachers can’t afford to get sick?  Though it pains me to slow my roll, I chose to find the up side.  I allowed myself the time off to get some much-needed r&r.  Thank god for Restorative Yoga.

It’s funny, the week I got poison ivy is the week I wrote this down in my journal:

“You don’t always have to be going and doing in order to get things done.  Sometimes, the most productive thing to do is nothing at all.”

I wove this into my teaching intention for that week nicely…of course, failing to heed my own advise.  Luckily, whenever I’m feeling invincible (and getting a little cocky), the universe promptly reminds me to stay humble.  So, I was forced inside….which for me, feels like torture.

Regardless of how I felt about this time off, I tried trying to make an effort to use it wisely.  It was a unique opportunity not just to plan for the future, but to digest the recent past.

Last winter, I was presented with this question:  What do I have to offer the world that no one else has to offer?  What makes me unique as an individual?

At the heart of it…Who am I?  Of course, my dear friend Lisa Ash raised this question in class last week just in time for some reflection…must be sharing some yoga teacher brain waves or something.

Here it is:  I am an artist.  I am a yogi.  I am a teacher.

I always thought I had to keep these parts of myself separate.  In what world could I possibly do it all at once?  Oh, right- my world.  That I actively create, every day.  For me, yoga is art.  Art is yoga.  These aren’t things or ideas to be categorized as parts of my life.  Any separation that I once perceived was just an illusion.  Art+yoga=my life.

With this realization, I started taking baby steps to share that which I am uniquely qualified to share:  That we are all creative beings.  That we are currently creating our reality with every single choice and action.

So these past few months I have been a very busy bee.  I’v planting seeds, leading workshops that I hope have helped shed some light on how amazingly creative you are.  Check this out:

Art Camp at Karma Tribe Yoga

Yoga + Dream Catcher Making with Karma Tribe Yoga

This is just a small glimpse of what you’ve created so far.  Look at all this beauty that you’ve added to the world.  I’m excited to see what else you come up with.  This is just the beginning!

So the glass is half full.  I needed to take my own advise.  I needed to zoom way out in order to gain perspective.  As I heal, I am slowly beginning to zoom back in.  Fall is right around the corner.  With this gust of cooling energy comes a wave of creativity and lots of opportunities to express.  There will be more workshops and more chances us to expand our consciousness.  It’s all very exciting, I could just BURST…

…but I won’t.  I’ll step back, slow down, take a breath and observe.

Then I’ll get back to work.

More art+yoga workshops coming your way, promptly following my recovery.  I can feel myself healing just thinking about it 🙂

Hope to see you all very soon in some capacity.  Until then- dream on, dreamers.




Friends and Fables, 11.7.15

Friendship for the win!  Thanks again, Plenum Space for hosting this show!



2nd Annual Tarot Glow Show!

Hey friends, happy fall time!  The change of seasons brings so many new possibilities and so many fun traditions…one of my new favorites being our Tarot Glow Show at Westport Yoga!  This show is an exciting fusion of a few of my most favorite things…art, yoga, the occult, friends, food and booze!  And this year it’s happening ON Halloween!  Favorite 🙂

Halloween Tarot Glow Show

Here’s just a little taste of the new series I’ll be showing.  Been sketching lots of these mandala inspired designs that I’ll be transforming into giant wall hangings.  Can’t wait to share the vision with you.  More info coming very soon.



The Pitch- Best of KC

Hey wonderful people of the world!  If you are KC based (or you just love the city) please take a moment out of your day to take this survey!  It’s really fun and a great way to show your favorite local individuals/businesses some love!  It would be really cool to see myself or one of my fellow deserving peers win best visual artist.  You only have to vote for 20 different categories to make it count!

The Pitch-Best Of KC Awards

You rock 😉



If This Is The End…6.7.14.

Thank you so much to everyone who made it out to the opening reception of my latest work, If This Is The End…  Holy Moses, it was a blast!  I am so blessed to live in a city that appreciates and celebrates art.

Extra special thanks goes out to Micki Hadley for showing up with a video camera in her hand and documenting the night.  Shout out to the Ross Williams and James Thomblison for bringing it with the live music. A million and one thanks to Addison Stonestreet for being a frame building machine.  Last but not least, thank you Ami Ayars at Plenum Space Gallery for giving me a beautiful space to showcase my work.  I couldn’t have made this happen without any of you.

The show will be up for another three weeks.  If you get the chance to view it, I hope that you walk away with your own personal bond with the work.  My wish is that each viewer has a unique experience, creating their own story from the images.  It fills me with endless joy and gratitude to share my work with you.

Stay classy, Kansas City.

love, love love,