Root to Crown

Blue Hand Art Collective’s debut show was a great success! Thanks to everyone who came out to support local art! We couldn’t do what we do without you beautiful people.

(“Shrine of Love”- collaborative installation by Ashley Warner and Sedona Alvarez.)

First Show Group
(Group shot of the artists involved in show #1. what a crew…Great teamwork)

Visit to find yourself in our photo booth and to see a broad overview of the show.

More photos can also be found in the “Shows” drop down menu at the top of the page.


one is silver and the other’s gold


a distracting new discovery, to say the least.

i’ve started a series of “sorta stories” inspired by my fuzziest dreams and memories. do you ever find yourself having a beer or something, and then out of the blue you have a flash of a memory from when you were like…three? and you’re walking around a one bedroom apartment pushing your snoopy doll around in a toy carriage or something? no? well…

those types of thoughts are what i’m trying to capture. so i have to revert back to thinking like a child…which isn’t very tough for me, actually.

needless to say, my new discovery has helped in shedding light on these once dormant memories.
oh, gin…