Private Practice + Mentorship

Private Practice + Mentorship


Whether you are looking for relief from back pain or are ready to balance on your hands, let Sedona craft a Private Practice that meets you exactly where you are at.  If you are ready to dive deeper into your practice, take the plunge!

Sedona is also now offering Mentorships for Teachers who are ready to fine-tune their teaching practice.  The concept is simple:  Sedona takes your class and offers open, honest, non-judgmental feedback in one 60 minute session.  Sedona is here to foster your growth and help you to be the best teacher you can be!

Privates: $75-$90 (depending on studio space) per 60 minute session, or buy 3 classes at once for 10% off.  Inquire HERE.

Mentorship:  Sliding scale based on income.  Inquire HERE.