If This Is The End…

Is a study of archetypes, a critique of time, a new beginning for the lost and forgotten.

The title mirrors the ambiguous nature of the work.  Each image is a  fusion of found photos, books and objects layered with original photo, painting and drawing.  These detail and color driven images possess a tactile emotive quality.  Imagine the feelings and sensations you might experience if you were to pull up a dormant memory and inspect it up close with a magnifying glass.  The feelings that might come up in this situation are what I hope to bring out with this grouping of images.

Inspired by an abandoned family scrapbook I found at a book store being driven out of business, these paintings are somewhat haunting representations of what has been left behind.  I wanted to create an entirely new context for these characters and tell a unique story.  An assortment of images from different times and places, this series addresses our attachment and obsession with time.  It exists in it’s in it’s own space where the lines between past, present and future are blurred.  The lines between reality and illusion, beginning and end, highest self and shadow self are also obscured.  Much of this work aims to shed light on what we choose hide.  The parts of ourselves that we live in denial of or try to abandon are the parts that may keep us from seeing the complete picture of our life.  What we choose to keep secret is always at play underneath the surface.  This work aims to scratch the surface to show an abstract representation of this truth.


The Show- 6.7.14


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