Self-Love V-Day Vinyasa <3

How cool is it that we have a holiday completely centered around LOVE?!


Often, we get swept up in the perception of Valantine’s Day as a holiday of romantic love.  I’m thinking it’s time we flip the script.

Yoga teaches us to love ourselves fiercely.  Before we can show compassion out in the world, we must show love to number one.  Join me at Westport Yoga for a heart opening vinyasa practice followed by ample pampering (think essential oil self massage and CHOCOLATE).  Bring a friend, partner or fly solo.  Pre-registration is required, you can sign up riiiiight HERE 🙂




EVERYONE can yoga!

Join me in celebrating the beginning of something beautiful…Velo+ is happy to announce the emergence of Yoga+!!!

Velo+ is a unique place- bike shop, cafe, art gallery, and now yoga studio!  It truly is a “lifestyle” store, and it just keeps getting better the more it grows.  We are ecstatic that the community has shown a growing interest in our Yoga program, we have no choice but to expand and give you lovely people exactly what you need!  Here are the new classes we’re offering for now-

MONDAY- Beginners Yoga with Annamarie, 8-9:15 am

TUESDAY- Yoga for Cyclists with Sedona, 8-9:15 am

THURSDAY- Keep it Fresh (Mixed Yoga) with Annamarie, 8-9:15 am

FRIDAY- Yin with Sedona, 8-9:15 am

SUNDAY- Sunday Funday Vinyasa Flow with Sedona, 10-11:15am

Soon to come- sunrise and evening classes!  Now is a great time to give us some feedback- tell us what you’d like to see more of and when.  Prices are still the lowest you’ll find in town, so give yourself a little gift this holiday season by trying out one of our new classes!  The first class you try out is FREE, and they’re only $10 per class after that.  We are expanding fast, so this offer won’t last long! Take a moment out of your busy schedule to decompress and replenish so that you can give more fully when you need to this holiday season!

To learn more about us at Velo+ and Yoga+ visit the website by clicking here—-> Velo+

Hope to see you on the mat this week!  Happy Holidays 🙂



CORE at Velo+


Tomorrow is SUNDAY FUNDAY at Velo+!  You asked for a practice to work your CORE, so here we go!

We throw the word “core” around so much in the fitness world.  When you work your core in my class, you’re not just strengthening on a physical level- you’re strengthening in all areas of life!  Get ready to sweat, people. See you on the mat!


Sunday Funday- Shoulders & Heart Opening


So class is over for the day, but I had to post this because I crack myself up.


Special thanks to everyone who came out to share in the experience!  As you move throughout your day, feel and ENJOY the openness you’ve created for yourself.  Especially in your heart!

free flow

free flow

If you missed out this week, come visit next week.  We’ll have a new focus, so stay tuned to find out.  It might be just what you need.  Let’s stretch it out, tone, strengthen and HEAL ourselves…together!

See you next week, more details to come 🙂



Last FREE Sunday Funday at Velo +!

sunday funday

Our very first class was a great success!  Special thank you to all who came to share the experience.  I just love you beautiful people!  You’re awesome 😉

So—last opportunity to join me for your FREE class to welcome yoga to Velo + (13440 Santa Fe Trail, Lenexa, KS 66215) !!! Come as you are and together we’ll learn to lighten up in all ways!  Get hooked and celebrate every Sunday Funday with me- future drop in price TBA.  Stay posted.


Yoga coming to Velo +

Rise and Shine Energetic Vinyasa Flow!

Hello, friends!  I’ve partnered with Velo + Bike Shop in Lenexa to start offering Sunday morning classes!  This place is rad- not only do they build bikes, they roast coffee (working on turning part of the shop into a cafe!) and support all things local.  Great energy within these walls!  You’ll love it.

Don’t miss your chance to get to know me and my style with 2 FREE classes!  Bring your own mat (if you’ve got one), bring a friend and bring your smile 🙂