Breathe In Bali~ A Yoga Retreat

Hi Friends!  Winter is OVER, and it’s officially time to plant new seeds of intention.  If you  are calling in adventure, travel, friendship, play, laughter, freedom and a whole lot of magic, I’ve got something for you…

My next Adzenture Yoga Retreat is open for registration!  Join me for my next grand adventure to BALI, Indonesia, November 5-12, 2019!


So much YAAAS.  Be sure to book with my special code, BREATHE, to receive $200 off your tickets!  You deserve this amazing opportunity to replenish and fill your cup until it overflows ❤

Register HERE!


Feel free to reach out with any questions, I’m here for you!  I can’t wait for our next epic adventure 🙂



Yoga + Adventure in Costa Rica~ why YOU should snag one of the last spots…



Friends!  There are only a few more tickets available for Costa Rica Soul Revival, open for registration until November 12th at $200 off the original price!  You should DEFINITELY join us for the trip of a lifetime, January 12-18, 2019.  Here are some reasons why…

1-10Stay in the magical eco village, The Goddess Garden in Cahuita.






1-5Enjoy a dip in the pool…1Or walk the beach just steps away from your room.



1-7And experience a traditional bonfire ceremony.


If this opportunity has been knocking, now is the time to open up the door!  Trust your deep intuition and start manifesting more adventure and world travel.

Click HERE to snag one of the last spots!