Workshops + Retreats


Yoga + Hiking

Shawnee Mission Park

Sunday, August 13, 10am-11:30am

Suggested Donation: $20-25, Advance Sign- Up Required (sign up HERE!)

Join Sedona Alvarez for a Yoga + Hiking excursion to Shawnee Mission Park!

Sedona has developed her Yoga + Hiking program for adventurous yogis who are ready to embrace the countless benefits that mother nature has to offer.

Some scientifically proven benefits of getting outdoors include:

-Stress relief. Forest therapy can lower heart rate and decrease levels of cortisol (stress hormone)

-Boosted mental energy. Exposing yourself to restorative environments (i.e., the great outdoors) relieves mental fatigue.

-Other perks: improves vision, short-term memory, sleep, concentration, sharpens thinking and creativity, boosts immunity, facilitates weight loss.


-Park and meet at the SMP Marina

-Wear comfortable clothing

-Wear tennis shoes or hiking boots

-Bring your water bottle

-Bring a mat for our post hike yoga session

-Consider wearing sunscreen and bug repellant

-Bring your bathing suit and towel just in case you decide to stay after yoga to hang on the beach or rent a canoe!

Get into nature to enjoy overall physical + mental health and longevity while bonding with your yoga community and making lasting connections.



NOT a Teacher Training

Sundays- 7/30, 8/6, 8/13, 8/20

At Hagoyah.  515 West 75th street.  Kansas City, MO 64114.

A 4 part series geared toward students who are ready to deepen their practice but aren’t interested in yoga teacher training.  We are offering you an accessible, tangible, affordable, information packed training for you to better understand your anatomy and the importance of practicing yoga according to yogic philosophy.

Sunday, 7/30 with Grace Duckworth

Don’t be Pain in the Neck-  The neck is a sensitive area for most – tense, tight, achy and sore. Everyone has a reason as to why; ranging anywhere from the extremes of a car accident to the more common degree of tension from sitting at a desk for long hours. Considering the health of the neck greatly effects the physical experience of the entire body, it is incredibly beneficial to understand how to take good care of this important part of our spine.

Yoga Lifestyle, State of Being- Once covering the structure of the neck, open yourself to the expensive possibilities of mindfulness in everyday life. Find how to apply the lessons of your physical practice to normal tasks with the aide of breath and meditation techniques.   Dive into the anatomy of the neck and grow in your ability to live within a “state of being” with Grace Duckworth

Sunday, 8/6 with Annamarie Weddle

Neutral Pelvis- The psoas muscle and SI joint-  The Psoas muscle is anything but superficial. It’s a muscle buried deep in your body that connects the mid back to the thighbones and is responsible for much of our postural alignment. This muscle is also evolutionary connected to our fight or flight response. It a society where stress is our biggest health hazard this muscle is extremely important to understand. This workshop will help you to find your psoas, to understand it’s importance in your life and movements,and learn how to release and strenghten it.

The philosophy of dichotomy-  Yoga and energy philosophy revolves around opposites. Sometimes it feels like we are being simultaneously pulled in opposing directions.  Explore why as a culture we lack wholesomeness and get stuck on simplifying things to black and white, learn more about how dichotomy is a good thing, how to alter your perspective on things that seem to conflict.

Sunday, 8/13 with Heather Rama

What the heck is a Vastus Medialis anyway?  Learn where your Vastus Medialis is as how strengthening it can improve your yoga poses and daily movements. We’ll also cover the history and importance of the Yamas and Niyamas in a yogic life. These are all practical applications for modern busy lives, nothing too academic or pedantic.

Sunday 8/20, 3-5pm with Sedona Alvarez

Love Your Shoulders-  This is an essential workshop for all yogis, especially vinyasa lovers!  We will break down the structure of the complex shoulder girdle.  It is easy to harm ourselves in a more fast paced practice (like vinyasa) if we do not understand shoulder anatomy.  We will go over safe + healthy alignment in commonly misunderstood poses so that we can all enjoy the benefits of yoga into old age!

Ahimsa is non-violence.  This is the 1st of the Yamas (personal observances) in yogic philosophy.  When we say non-violence, this covers physical, mental and emotional violence toward others and the self.  Learn how to practice self-love by weaving the principal of Ahimsa into your yoga practice and daily life.